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Welcome to the new site

If you like the work we've done here since 2009. Spread the word. More features coming.

Hosting (server and uk @ip) cost around 10€ a month, revenue for the past 5 years: 100€
We don't want to live off this site, but we'd be happy not to pay more than 80% of it.
We'd also like to be able to get a dedicated domain name (not a sub-domain from a free one like we do currently).

The 4oD conversion program is not available yet (old and but we intend to revive it.

Information about the BBC iPlayer RSS feeds pages

Thanks to the availability of subtitles for the programmes that the BBC provide on iPlayer, this web tool provide a simple way to retrieve them in a standard srt format, by listing their RSS feed of active programmes on iPlayer.

How about something not on the current feeds?

If you want some subtitles for programmes not available on BBC iPlayer anymore (hence not listed on the channel feeds),
you can now just use the search page provided.
The search provide links to get the current subtitles (in the rss feeds) and able to see the results for historical ones.
You will need to be logged in in order to get the subs for historical ones.
For the moment, the search use the programme name only, we will be adding the search by programme id later.

The project started in April 2009, that's when we started caching the subtitles url for the programmes (vanilla xml files at the BBC).
We should be able to get subs for anything aired since the start of the project.


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